"I Hate ......"
I hope I got your attention with the title. Please read on. I am sharing this short article because the mission statement of BACS is "Here to be a light... Following Jesus all the way.". 

I was raised in a home that was mostly positive. God bless my parents and grandparents but we struggled with being negative and thinking negative thoughts. I am still not cured of this struggle. In writing this little blurb I decided to look at the mission and realized that "Following Jesus" is something you can never say in a public school. You can take His name in vane swear at him and even curse Him. But if you teach about Him well that can lead to some trouble.

This week in church our very own Grandma Carole got up front and read a little about how Satan is our accuser and the terrible nature of talking negatively about people. He will work through anyone that is willing to talk and think negatively towards others. She read it from Great Controversy chapter 32. If you want to read more. Tearing people down sure shouldn't be in our school. No company can run smoothly that way let alone a small school.

So here is a way to combat things that you don't like. Not just people.

Use Your Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Your RAS is the part of your brain that controls and directs attention. It is an unconscious “filter" that picks out bits of information that your conscious mind finds important.
When you focus your attention on something, your RAS looks for information that reinforces whatever you have directed your attention to. If you hold a particular belief, your RAS finds evidence to support the belief.

If you start looking for good attributes in other people, your RAS will do its best to find them. You don’t really need to do anything except look for the good in others, and you are already more likely to find it.
But you can speed this process along by taking advantage of this system.

Pick a belief about someone that you want to adopt. For example, that Person A is a good human being. Carry around a piece of paper with you. Anytime you notice any evidence to support this belief, write it down. Then at the end of the day, review all the evidence you have found.
Don’t underestimate the power of this exercise. There is no quicker way to “install" a new belief into your head than this.
Taken from http://feelhappiness.com/see-the-good-in-people/