There are at least 2 options. the option that pays the best is listed first.

the reason for Scrip

No-Selling, Everyday Fundraising Traditional fundraisers like bake sales or auctions can provide a significant, one-time boost to your nonprofit organization’s funding. They can be effective, but they also take a lot of time and effort. Product fundraisers are popular too, but you can only ask parents to sell cookie dough or wrapping paper so many times per year.

Scrip fundraising is different. A scrip program gives members of your organization the power to fundraise all the time, without doing anything more than using scrip gift cards to pay for their everyday shopping. They don’t have to spend money on things they don’t need, make room to organize events in their busy schedules, or sell to friends and relatives.

Shop with scrip is qhat we talked about during Back to school night this week end

Shop with Scrip mobile site

You can login to MyScripWallet using your same ShopWithScrip® username and password. Once online, you can browse the full selection of direct delivery products available on ShopWithScrip.com with the same great rebates, then place an order and pay with PrestoPay right on your phone! MyScripWallet is supported on Apple and Android mobile devices—just type www.MyScripWallet.com into the browser, login, and you’ll be ready to shop!


Another Solution that may work for people is this one that is geared more for online shopping