Grades 5-9 Supply List
3-ringed binder—1
2 pocket poly Folders--3
3-holed Notebook paper college rule—500 sheets
Graph paper (Green Quadrille)—200 sheets
#2 pencils--12
Erasers (Mars Plastic) White
Mechanical(eversharp) pencils .7mm
Extra lead--5
Ruler--inches and centimeters
Colored Pencil—36 or more color set—ONLY ONE SET
Post-It Notes—3X3"
Composition Books—2
Pencil Box—4 inches X  8 inches
Facial Tissue or Kleenex 2 or more boxes
Grades 7-9 scientific calc. If you own and iPod touch that will work as well.
Not all the above items are on the list because of price and their availability at the local stores ie. Facial Tissue.